Brainstorm List I

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South Side Sally’s

The First Brainstorm List
Tales of the Flats and Slopes


I remember walking barefoot to the Osmby pool in summer.

I remember rust on the sheets hanging in the yard.

I remember waving to the engineer on the caboose at 5 pm

I remember following the mailman on his route for two blocks when I was 5.

I remember in first grade going boldly into bars selling my christmas seals for my catholic school projects… This was over fifty years ago.  My mom and the teachers didn’t know.

I remember the nighttime skies bright from the blast furnaces at J&L.

I remember Mr. Pletcher and his expensive  fancy guppies.that he paid .$25. a pair for.  Back then that was really really big money.

I remember Bluestone’s home made  coffee ice cream.

I remember racing down six flights of the steps  of the Pittsburgh Merchantile. (the J&L mill store)
Now the Goodwill

I remember the heavy heavy smog.  You couldn’t see ten feet in front of you  and the heavy sulfur smell.

I remember walking up to the basin (Monogahela Park) through the shortcut on Edwards Way.

I remember the building of the Birmingham Bridge.
I remember getting lost in a sea of men at shift change those going in and those coming out at the mill on 27th street and Carson.

I remember sitting on the stoop looking at the sunset .

I remember setting up a yard fair for a nickel admittance one object to view was a large locust.

I remember the Biology Club disection at Brashaer Center, Sarah Street .

I remember winning  big at bingo at the Serbian Club my mom needed the extra money.

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