Flash Back.

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I drove down 837 from Carson Street to Homestead and saw some of the old artifact smoke stacks from J&L steel.  This took me back to  a memory scene from Larkins Way.  Looking down the street at 28 fury furnace stacks that lit the night sky like a bunch of pyrotechnics.  This was a common scene.  Wrote about this one before.  Just a flash back. Kids playing in the ally.  Folks out on their stoops enjoying the cooler night air rather than being inside.  Rain barrels to collect water.

The flushing outhouse in the backyard.  No shower or indoor bathroom.  As a little kid I remember the old kitchen sink, my mom would bathe me.  I must have been 3 or 4 years old.

A few or three or 4 years my dad and mom took over the whole house.  Dad remodeled the second floor, put in a bathroom, divided one of the larger rooms into 2.  One for my brother and one for me and my sister.

He put built in shelves for the tv and my new fish aquarium, which I bought from communion gift  money.

I also remember I was really upset, i.e. temper tantrum, I didn’t want to put my new shoes on because I didn’t want the soles of those new white shoes to get wear scuffs.  Mom and Dad wanted me to wear my communion clothes so the family could see the outfit.  I think I must have looked too cool.  But I had a bratty attitude that day about the shoes.