In the Swim

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The local swimming pool at Ormsby near the 22nd Street bridge …. I remember walking down to the pool at times barefooted…the street was hot, we had our swim suits on so when we got to the pool we could shower and jump into the water.  There were scheduled times for kids, adults and families.  They also taught swimming.  I remember when I was about 6 years old, I tried to take swimming lessons and the life guard teaching the class pushed my head under water.  I stopped taking the lessons and was upset.  Good thing my friend Noreen helped me get use to the water again, going under water blowing bubbles and such stuff.  It must have worked, in high school I did learn how to swim better, mostly basic strokes.

Eventually I even became a life guard for the city pool program and taught swimming at the YMCA.  At times I even guarded swimmers at the very same pool, Ormby.

One summer I guarded  mostly at Schenley Oval Pool and Pymuting Lake for the city camping program. This was a part time paid guard-counselor position.  One day a week we went on a boat excursion to 9 mile Island, we waded off the island. We did some neat stuff like toured the Nationality Rooms at Pitt.  Alternating weeks we were stationed in Schenley Park with girls 8-12.  The following week we went to Pymunting Lake with girls 13-17.   This locations alternated with boys one week and girls the next .  Girl counselors with girls and boys with boys.  There were strange adventures, we worked hard and had lots of fun.  That summer I was able to save money.  I came home on Saturday mornings and left again on  Monday mornings.  I kept my stuff in a army green duffel bag.

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