New Skin for an Old House

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Recently I went by the house where I grew up.  The new owners had resided it with wonderful slate blue wood, real wood siding.  It looks beautiful.  They had a flag up, potted plant at the side of the steps and a new fence.  Boy, the place really looks spiffy.  For a place that is well over 100 years old, the old place looks really nice.  I just had an inkling to comment on the fantastic job they did with the outside remodeling.

The last time it had been redone was when I was 21, my dad asked me for money to buy some kind of siding that reminded me of roofing shingles only it was suppose to resemble bricks.  He said he was getting too old to keep painting the house.  Well that was well over 40 years ago.  So yes the old girl looks great.

I’ll just say that it does give a senior citizen a nice feeling to see that the newer owners have upgraded my old homestead.  I have had just great memories growing up there.  Glad the current owners seem to like it too.

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