Out and About Halloween in the 1950’s

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Oh, oh, to be a kid on the Southside on October 31 in the 1950’s!!!!!!  What a kid delight.  Houses so close together, we went from one house to another for blocks.  Shopping bags full of candy.  Oh boy the loot we took in.  We even made drop offs at home and continued when the loot got too heavy.  Oh yes.  then the count:  How many Mars bar?  Big ones, regular sized and the minatures.  Then how many Almond Joys, how many Hersey’s, how many boxes of dots, Mike and Ikes,  It was like a contest,  how many did Ken get?  Rosemary was a little too young to compete in the heavy duty contests.  Then too my friends, cousins and neighbors,  we compared how many  various types of bars, boxes.  Apples and Oranges were not held in high regard, since Mom and Dad always had them around the house.

Getting dressed up too I guess was okay, but boy do I remember the door to door trick or treat. Too their was always a Halloween Parade on Carson Street.  Sometimes we would go and look.  Larkins Way…..I remember people coming and dropping their kids off by car.  I guess some neighborhoods were better than others for Trick or Treating.

South Side was always the BEST!

Happy Happy Halloween to Everyone.

South Side Sallhy

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  1. Very cool mom, thanks for sharing.

    I never knew heard these stories before.

    Sounds like you had blast growing up in the South Side.

    With so many neighborhood kids around I bet Halloween was just one of the many fun times of the year.

    Talk to you soon…Have a great week!


  2. Bill Donnelly

    Same life five block down in Carey Way. Balcer Bakery, Stutz’s Drug Store, Ormsby Park. The Basin incidentally was at the turn of the century the water reservoir for the Southside ie the name The Basin.

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