South Side Bingo’s

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When I grew up on the South Side ladies went out for a night on the town, many found Bingo to be there entertainment.  Church after Church had seasonal games.  There were a few regular weekly places.  The Serbian Club on Sarah Street had a night, can’t remember which day of the week.  The Luthianian Hall on Jane Street had one.

I went to some of these with my mom or aunt.  Specials were held every 5 games.  You paid extra for each markable card.  The regular admission was for the 25 or 30 regular games, then they had a special every so often.  Food was available most times.  Hot dogs, chips, candy bars, and fountain drinks.

It was a big thrill for me to win once in a while.  I remember winning $40. on a special.  My mom really needed the money.  I kept $5. and gave her the rest .  This was one of those nights I went with my aunt.  My mom was happy we had the extra money.   I remember praying to win.  It was so neat coming home to think I could help out.  I was 12 years old at the time.

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