The Mill Store

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The Pittsburgh Mercantile in my memory was  the J&L mill store.  Here workers could purchase things and then have payments taken from their paychecks at the mill. One of my best friends Carol Ann told me about this.  Funny I remember in the late 1950’s she told me her dad said the mill would close in 20 years.  She said for me not to tell anyone.  Funny how some of these childhood items come true.

I remember you could buy anything at that store.  They had a very good grocery store on the first floor that bordered I believe South 26th Street.  The store had mink stoles, diamond rings, on the first floor. There was also a soda fountain counter on the first floor for great cherry cokes. On the second or third floor  a full shoe store complete with an x-ray machine.  I remember sticking my feet into that machine lots to look at the bones in my feet.  I hope I didn’t get too much radiation.  The department manager yelled at us, but my brother and I went back when he wasn’t around.  The furniture department, I think was on the sixth floor.  There was a neat brass doored elevator one could ride up, then run down the steps back down.  This was one of the things Ken and I did for fun.

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