The nuns wouldn’t believe it.

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One of the big time fund raiser for the Catholic School I attended was selling Christmas Seals for use on Christmas Cards.  They had contests for prizes, contests between grade levels, and big prizes for the biggest sellers.  What marketers this group was way before marketing was the thing it is today.  Little did they know that I as a first and second grade, found, what I thought was a windfall and great way to sell my seals.  I went bar hopping.  Yes, there were so many bars near my house, because of the mill that I would be below the counter and hit up the guys at different shifts.  The bartenders were usually so busy and I was so short that I wasn’t noticed until after I made a big killing.  Now days this would be a big no-no.   I didn’t realize how really bad this idea was.  I kept my secret, of course, because I was getting money for the seals (supposedly called a donation)  won some prizes.  My mom and dad could not afford to buy bunches and bunches of these.  They got a book.  The seals were one cent each.  The guys from the mill in the bars would give me a donation for the school and say keep the seals.  This was from a little kid’s standpoint a great way to bring in the dough.   Yes  looking back 55years ago my parents and the nuns would have been mortified.  Now I can see why many parents don’t like fund raisers.  Kids sometimes resort to extremely creative ways to bring in the dough.  I sure did and I know the nuns wouldn’t believe this sweet little 6 year old would resort to these methods.

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