The Phoenix – South Side’s Rebirth

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I find it extremely interesting that the South Side of Pittsburgh has renewed.  There is a wonderful new planned community section in South Side Works.  In many ways it reminds me of a time about 50+ years ago when South Side was vibrant with shops, restaurants and lots of activity.  The new South Side Works adds an extremely nice component, in my opinion.  Lots of great shops to browse, stop for lunch, and a movie

In the old days, one could go to the Arcade, Rex, Liberty or Colonial Theatres to see a movie.  Now you can go to the movies in a new theater in the SS. Works.  Check out Mallorca, Emilionos, and lots of other great places to get a bite to eat. 

My mom worked at the Schiller Club on Jane Street during the weekend evenings to bring in a few extra dollars.  It seems to me that there are a lot of great watering holes in the revised edition of South Side.  I have gone to Club Cafe on 12 Street, especially on Monday nites for the Acoustic Cafe.  I’ve really enjoyed preformances with my friend, also named Sara , but without an “h”.

I like the looks of Ormsby Pool and Rec Center where I swam and was a life guard in my younger days.

Sidney Street  somehow as gotten longer and looks good too. 

Amazing how you can get to Mary Street without going under the trussels on South 27th Street.

That reminds me of taking my brother’s Road Racer, non steerable go
car up half way or more onto Mary Street and riding it down.  I didn’t
have his permission.  What a ride.  I think I crashed it.  Somehow he
and my cousins wrecked the playhouse that my dad built for me in the
backyard.  I guess I was doing a payback. 

Gee I always thought I was an angel; guess I had a bit of the devil in me too. 

That experience was almost as good as riding my bicycle down Kochicko Way (sp?) That was a hill too.  Cobblestones.  I think that is where I broke the axle to my bicycle.  And, and I got a new axle and repaired the bike myself.  I was a  bike mechanic at a young age.  Got it from my dad’s genes.  He was very mechanically oriented.  Nice trip down memory lane.  Have a nice day, or night everyone.

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