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Just thought about how there are lots of yuppie bars now days on the South Side.  There were lots of bars in the 50’s too.  Those bars in the 1950’s had steeler workers coming off their shifts in the bars at 8:30 am.  But remember that they worked all night, many near 120 degree temperatures in the mill.  Extremely hot, so who could begrudge them a cold on on the way home.  I had heard that some of the old bars in the 1950’s would cash the paychecks of the steeler workers from the J& L mill and take out the bar tab from the previous month’s runup.

Now in 2012, you will see kids in their early 20’s hopping from one bar scene to another on a Friday or Saturday night.  They will soon realize that in 5 years they will be the old kids and newer, younger yuppies will take their place.  I should have realized this sooner, but I got this insight from observing my son and nephew.  Both in their late 20’s don’t enjoy the bar scenes like they did in their early 20’s.  Something must happen, I guess we can call it maturity.  Glad  they have it.

Southside is now still one of the in places on the weekends.  I remember when Shadyside was the in place.  Jazz at the Balcony on Walnut street.  I’m glad about the revitalization of the South Side with the South Side Works and business development.  Seems like there aren’t many long lived bars.   A few come to mind Cupka’s on 27th street.  Dee’s too, they at one time had good food at great prices.  One of my favorites was their Crab Imperial.  I really liked it when it was a restaurant, wish it hadn’t changed.

Have a great day folks, there are lots and lots of great eatery places here on the South Side and for that matter in the City of Pittsburgh.

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