Baby Boomers

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I had an interesting conversation today with a fellow Panera cafe patron.  We talked for awhile about stuff in general.  Then somehow conversations turned to growing up in the 1940’s, and 1950’s.  Back then on the South Side and in … Continued

Turn around on the bars

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Just thought about how there are lots of yuppie bars now days on the South Side.  There were lots of bars in the 50’s too.  Those bars in the 1950’s had steeler workers coming off their shifts in the bars … Continued

Flash Back.

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I drove down 837 from Carson Street to Homestead and saw some of the old artifact smoke stacks from J&L steel.  This took me back to  a memory scene from Larkins Way.  Looking down the street at 28 fury furnace … Continued

What is happening is Allegheny County?

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So now that parking space in Mount Washington that is assessed at over $250,000 dollars, no view of the city, assessed more than the condo. How ridiculous is  this company that did the assessment.  Five minutes drive by for input … Continued

The Phoenix – South Side’s Rebirth

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I find it extremely interesting that the South Side of Pittsburgh has renewed.  There is a wonderful new planned community section in South Side Works.  In many ways it reminds me of a time about 50+ years ago when South … Continued

Hot Metal Bridge

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Recently, my best friend asked me how come the  Hot Metal Bridge got its name.  Well those South Side People know emphatically it is because hot metal was transported across the river on this bridge.  Lots of memories from the … Continued

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